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With one full length under their belt, the guys in At Long Last are back and stronger than ever with their first EP, ONE MORE YEAR. Harder hitting hooks, driving melodies, and lyrics that will be on your mind for days, there's no telling what's next.


released October 20, 2013

Jordan Lindley - Writer, Guitar, and Lead Vocals
Caden Castelli - Guitar
Carson Hawkins - Drums
Cole Verble - Bass




AT LONG LAST Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Making music is our mission, performing is our passion, getting fans like you is our blessing. Memorable moments include touring on the One Direction Tour with Forever The Sickest Kids, Paradise Fears and Ashland HIGH, sharing the stage with Go Radio, Allstar Weekend, Plug In Stereo, It Boys, winning crowd favorite at the Battle of the Bands and opening for Greyson Chance ... more

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Track Name: Nothing But Time (Learn To Let Go)
Learn To Let Go

Carry yourself like the world is off of your shoulders for once
You’re getting older alone, and sinking deeper for months
And all that time you spent next to the hospital bed, you put on brand new sheets and think of what she said How she holds your heart, how you’re the greatest man, how you’re the only one that could ever understand It’s been so long since I’ve been without you, It’s weird to think I can still breathe without you

There is no rhyme or reason needed to say the things I want to
There is no time or season left that’s ours, but we’ll hold hands soon
You gave up, I gave in, though it’s hard to defend
But I hope you’re safe and sound tonight, like you were here by my right side
With nothing but time
Learn to let go

Today was a lot like Hell, with more suits and ties, cold sweats, and wet eyes
New faces of old friends draw us pictures for our heads to color in
I’m alone, I’m a lie, I’m less of alive than I thought I could be and hoped I would be
I’m alone, I’m a lie, less of alive, but you keep me breathing, you’re all I’m seeing
Track Name: I'll Take My Chances
I’ll Take My Chances
Let’s take it back to the summer of the end of the world The first thoughts would be friends, east tour, and a girl With sleepless nights and meaningless fights about my restless legs Stealing tents and hopping fences, wasting our heads with no time to lose Because it’s two more years until the best part of me is the past part of me and you
And it’s nights like tonight when the stars shine brighter and they spell your name I think derogatorily because I know it won’t ever be the same Forever is a cinder block on string, a broken heart seems a necessity But I’m tired of losing sleep
I’m still breathing, but please rest assured I’m left with an “x” amount of feelings of the nights never heard When I was torn between the heart on my sleeve, the stone cold dilemma that kept me neck deep On the long drive home when you said you were fine And the songs so slow, to help you think over time But baby we both know we’ll never let this go Just keep your friends out of your ear while I keep mine out of mind
A range of four days is a long and unexpected holiday, one that you shouldn’t take But if the outcome feels okay, to turn the page, to walk away Then I’ll have no choice but to keep keeping sad, straight glances, when I’m out the door I’ll take my chances
With blank stares and sideways glances, to keep it up would be to take it for granted To be the one to try and keep us afloat, but the part of me that wants it picks fights with the part of me that won’t
So carve my name in the palm of your hand, squeeze your fist until you understand that we were something special, you were one of those girls, I was your Gosling, you were my world
Track Name: Your Song
Your Song
God, I’ll have you know I’m scared of breaking this apart, of standing alone She’s all that I’ve got now, all that I breathe for, and she stands alone too I was selfish, I was brash, I did some things that I’m ashamed to say I ever did But now it’s cold and I’m scared, I’ve started now to realize that you were just trying to save me When I should’ve been trying to save you too
So take this broken girl, that’s more than a saint, stronger than stone, and rid her of pain Show her a road home, because I can’t find pavement I’m too weak to chase it, and too gone to stand tall But know that I will try, if it’s not too late I swear I’ll be singing your song center stage, I’d hope to see you there
Track Name: January
Turn around before you close your eyes; take a step back from the mesmerizing waterfront climbing up the edge Open up your pocket to reveal the faint, blank page that shows you how to get out of this alive Open up your closet just so that it can remind you, three more steps until the end of time But soldier up trooper, just put on a smile
So I’ll go ahead and take a stab in the dark, walk on eggshells, sing to the stars If January could come faster, all my cares would go through the floor I’d shine like gold, I wouldn’t ask for more
Now give me something to believe in because my hands are cold, my mouth is dry It’s pretty odd and I’m looking for a reason, the clock ticks and the clouds seem to fly by With blistered toes and one left mistake, unspeakable doubts and unforgiveable shame Grasp my hand as we approach the bend, light up our eyes and witness the end
Track Name: One More Year
One More Year
Growing up into a fine young man entails to clean up our act and start to pay more attention to the things that I swore I’d never get myself into Without a doubt, once singled out Until I met you
Eyes closed, it was 2009, and I finally got the nerve before we said goodbyes to tell you “This is my last chance, I won’t let it pass me, I think I’m in love, so please don’t leave without me” Now four years down on the road, I gained some wimpy little facial hairs, but still in the same boat With downtown’s and the radio high, living on an infinite life
Long conversations at the lighthouse on Hefner, trying to figure out what life’s got planned Then I’d write on your back in our backseat bedroom, “You plus me ‘till the end”
So let’s get up, get gone, prove them all wrong Until the fear in your hands meet the wings that you’ll grow When the day comes that 18 hits, keep your heart in the clouds, let your feet do the rest And when we grow up, get lost, in the cities so cold, we’ll stand up tall and then we’ll find our way back home Because my home is that of a long list when I’ve got you girl Remember this
You say I’m a dreamer and need to see clearer, but purchase a mirror, you’re just like me So with full hearts and heads high, we’ll lock hands and we’ll fly away In your ear I will say, “It takes life to love life, to fall down and still try So get on your high horse and don’t be scared Your place in this world compares to no other, your end undiscovered So let’s get out of here”
Get up, get gone, prove them all wrong These streets have been our home for too long